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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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on the occasion. I have received a print by this post that diverts me extremely; the Motion2. Tell me, dear now, who made the design, and who took the likenesses; they are admirable: the lines are as good as one sees on such occasions. I wrote last post to Sir Eobert, to wish him joy ; I hope he received my letter.
I was to have set out last Tuesday, but on Sunday came the news of the Queen of Hungary3 being brought to bed of a son4; on which occasion here will be great triumphs, operas and masquerades, which detain me for a short time.
I won't make you any excuse for sending you the following lines; you have prejudice enough for me to read with patience any of my idlenesses.
My dear Harry, you enrage me with talking of another journey to Ireland; it will shock rne if I don't find you at my return: pray take care and be in England.
I wait with some patience to see Dr. Middleton's Tally5, as I read the greatest part of it in manuscript; though indeed that is rather a reason for my being impatient to read the rest. If Tully can receive any additional honoui*, Dr. Middleton6 is most capable of conferring it.
I receive with great pleasure any remembrances of my lord and your sisters; I long to see all of you. Patapan7 is so handsome that he has been named the silver fleece ; and there is a new order of knighthood to be erected to his honour, in opposition to the golden. Precedents are searching, and plans drawing up for that purpose. I hear that the
2  Reproduced in Wright's   Caricature History of the Georges.
3 Maria Theresa (b. 1717), daughter of the Emperor Charles VI, m. (1736) Francis, Date   of Lorraine,  afterwards Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Emperor.    On   her  father's   death (Oct. 174,0) she succeeded as Queen of Hungary, but her claim to the
Empire was immediately disputed. 4 Afterwards the Emperor Joseph
8 Conyers Middleton's History of the Life of M. Tullius Cicero, published this year.
6  Conyers Middleton (1683-1760), divine and controversialist.
7  Horace Walpole's dog.